Destination Minerva

Moxie - Beck Family Adventure
Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
Thu 30 Oct 2014 18:55

Hi guys, we stayed put at Minerva and let Lochmarin, Southern Cross, Caminante and Novae motor off to NZ without us, there is no wind out there. We are are very short on internet credit until the 1st so I probably won't send this until then, 30th today.

Minerva in these conditions is super. Lobster and slipper lobster on the reef at night, really good spear fishing territory on the outside. We went blue water hunting yesterday but didn't see anything, a couple of days prior a guy saw yellowfin, 4 marlin, wahoo and big grey sharks. Grant was alone but says he could have shot a yellowfin if he wanted to lose the gun.

Most Fish a bit deep for me on snorkel, I still chicken out at about 10m or less. I did shoot a monster parrotfish but that's all. We still have fresh mahimahi and will go for a few more crays tonight, actually the slippers taste better and are more plentiful.

There are 12 boats here now, 4 left yesterday including Novae who only dropped anchor for one hour, we saw two others pass right by. Minerva is a DESTINATION, it should not be missed. Dead calm here even at high tide. Possible window for us to leave is Saturday, 1st.

Navionics charts are spot on, the pass is fairly wide 200m or so and we saw no obstacles once inside and heading to the east side.