AO19, Sinter Klaas

Moxie - Beck Family Adventure
Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
Fri 6 Dec 2013 12:07
14.38.201N 046.22.863W Dec 05
14kts easterly, sog 6.1:-(, calm, overcast, course 274 30.2 degs yesterday, 27 now humidity 80%

Brian is Dutch so he organised a visit from Sinter Klaas. Sinter Klaas and his helper Black Pete deliver goodies to nice Dutch children on the 5th of December every year. Being good sports they also agreed to visit Moxie mid Atlantic this year. Sinter and Pete weirdly live in Madrid and Sinter rides a horse while Pete lugs all the goodies around and climbs down the chimneys, getting very sooty, to do the actual deliveries. This year they wrote a lovely poem to Asia and Aranya and left some nice gifts.

Denise our seamstress in shining bikini has rescued our despair and has repaired the parasailor using the sailrite machine. The sailrite is one tough little number but the poor thing was not happy doing such heavy duty work, we went through a few needles and the screwdriver came out a few times but things are looking pretty good. We should be armed again with 2 spinnakers later this aternoon, Meanwhile we have experimented and last night goose winged the asymmetric and genoa it worked pretty well for a bit but was too much hassle in the end.

I was mentioning at 8pm last night that it was the first day with the rods out that we did not catch a fish, immediately after that ziiing went the reel, Asia adds a 2.5kg tuna to the fridge.

Denise advises that my idea of calm and hers differ somewhat, it's a 1.5 metre swell with a few whitecaps around.