Back in Gib

Moxie - Beck Family Adventure
Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
Mon 4 Jul 2011 15:37
36.08.97 N 005.21.23 W
Back in Europe after a week in Africa.  Popped back to Gib to get our Stainless work done so we have come to the Marina Bay Marina, there's a lot more cruising boats here and plenty of liveaboards too.  The marina is surrounded by restaurants and bars to one side and the airport on the other, thankfully Gib only gets around four or five arrivals a day though.  Actually although we are handier to everything here I prefer Queens wharf, for one thing it is cheaper.  But secondly it's a floating pontoon - Gibraltar still has over a metre of tide so the concrete piers at Marina Bay are a bit of a pain.  Once around the corner we won't really have to worry about tides as the Med is pretty much immune.  There's a fairly constant flow from the Atlantic into the Med to replace water lost by evaporation so the Med is rteluctant to give any back to the Atlantic at low tide.  The tidal flow then in the straight is predominantly Eastward, so getting out again is somewhat slower than the sailing in. 
Derek from the rally invited me out for a dive which was fantastic.  The dive was not great but it was fantastic to be invited and good to be back in the water.  We went out on Albany and had a dive below the 100 ton gun, in Rosia Bay which is where Nelson's body was landed after the battle of Trafalgar.   Nelson, having been killed by a sniper during the battle, was brought ashore and put into a barrel of rum to preserve his body and then taken back to England. 
It seems that we finally begged enough to be worthy and now have a shiny new outboard crane and boarding ladder attachment points.  Metal Micky and Matt from Gib Stainless have done a great job.  Finally we are free to leave and so into the Med we go.  2 months onboard now and only a single night at anchor, as we head into the Med the marinas get more and more expensive so we hope to reverse the statistics.  Bring on the warm water too.
The girls have been playing with Samantha who lives in the marina, and also Mia.  Mia (the hoola hoop champ) was on the rally with us, her Dad popped by with Mia on a jetski - spotted us and hey presto, a play date.