Moxie - Beck Family Adventure
Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
Mon 15 Jul 2013 08:52
38.25.25N 014.57.15E
Vulcano Island
Finally a decent anchorage, well protected, level and shallow sandy bottom, warm water 30 degrees!, good snorkelling places, no superyachts – jet skis, local butcher, greengrocer, bakery and a small supermarket (beer). We even for the first time in Italy felt happy leaving the dingy tied to the dock and boat unattended at anchor for the day. Yesterday we walked up to the steaming crater and collected some sulphur rocks for the kids geological collections.
Walking to the crater
50 things to do before you die, climb an active volcano – tick.
Looking down from the crater to the anchorage with the island of Lipari and behind that Salina.
Salina is the model name of our boat, quite fitting that is the island of twin peaks.  Actually the Latin name is Gemella ‘the twins’ whereas I might have given these mammarous beauties a more feminine handle.
Today is Denise’s birthday, Asia has baked a cake and later we will go out for dinner, a rare treat these days.  Excitingly our friends on Sudoeste have travelled all the way from Lagos to be with us today and will arrive shortly, the girls are very excited to be seeing Emily again and i have promised them that we can go to the mud baths.