Moxie - Beck Family Adventure
Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
Sun 26 Jan 2014 20:11
17.37.09n 61.51.25w 24 Jan 2014

We had a great crossing from Antigua to Barbuda, 8-9 knots between islands and anchored up with Sudoeste and Shilhouette at Corrington bay. That night we had our second beach bonfire BBQ together ashore having had great success at Pigeon Island (mainland) doing the same a week or so prior. The girls formed a band - clarinets, flute and ukulele having great fun making up a song and band name 'Rakeaz'. Sudoeste once again said their final goodbyes and set off late that night for St Martin.

The second day is Barbuda was pretty windy, the water murky and the rolling swell getting impressive. Beach landing was limited to hovering just off shore and letting he land goers swim for it, by the third morning even that was going to be dodgy so we opted for going back to Antigua.

Moxie and Silhouette (a 473 like Moxie 1) are pretty well matched for boat speed in these conditions, 25 knots and a bit bumpy, I'd always suspected that the two Moxies were pretty much on par, (It wasn't a race but everyone likes to win and we did).

Back in Antigua now (deep water bay), snorkelling is out because the water is too murky with suspended sand. The twins had a sleepover on Moxie last night, tomorrow we will head for Jolly Harbour to try and get our cooking gas bottles refilled.

I still cannot get over how uncrowded most of the places we go to are, Saturday lunchtime deep water bay, we have a kilometre of white sand and easily accessible beach next to a large hotel and there are just three people ashore!

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