Moxie - Beck Family Adventure
Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
Sun 25 Apr 2010 07:24
1. Positive attitude and confidence.
2. The courage to go for it.
3. Gumption
Who are we?
Mike and Denise and our daughters Asia 8 and Aranya 6 (2010).
The Idea
Denise and I moved to the UK from NZ in the late 90s, we love it here but it is too far away from our family back in NZ so have decided to move a bit closer. Moving a family half way around the world is such a massive undertaking that we decided to truly make it a massive undertaking, we are sailing home.

The Plan
Stuff happens, so a good plan needs a great deal of flexibility. Of course there are milestones to reach but getting to them is a exercise of freedom and hopefully a load of fun. Let's see what happens.

Our starting point is Royal Clarence Marina, Gosport, UK in May 2010 and our destination is either Australia or New Zealand in 2012.  2012 is still so far away it seems crazy to be planning that far ahead. 
Our 2010 plan will see us cruise parts of the UK, France, Atlantic Spain and Portugal.
In 2011 we will explore the Mediterranean through summer, head off to the Canaries in Oct and cross to the Caribbean for Xmas. 
2012 sees us through the Panama Canal, Galapagos Islands and down through the Pacific to Fiji for July 2012. From there we decide NZ or Aus.

The Boat
Moxie is a 2003 Beneteau 473 equipped to an extremely high standard for safety and comfort. Layout is three cabins, two heads and a spacious cockpit.