Port Colon, Panama

Moxie - Beck Family Adventure
Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
Wed 19 Mar 2014 00:03
09.22.13N 079.56.98W 18 March 2014

As we trickled Through the San Blas islands we began to enjoy them less and less because it got busier and busier as we got closer to the mainland. The closer islands had day tripper boats galore, lots of signs of mass tourism and commercialisation. We had enjoyed the more isolated islands with their paddle driven dugout canoes and simple lifestyle.

Arrived today at Shelter Bay Marina in Port Colon, this is the Atlantic side of the Panama canal. Reports are good, seems it is taking just a week to ten days to get a spot to go through the canal, costs looks to be circa USD2000 all in. We will organise it tomorrow, first up is the official measurement. A few years ago it could take 3 months to organise a private yacht transit.

It is incredibly hot here so after arrival we spent the afternoon sitting in the pool. We see Sudoetse up on the hard but there is no one there as they have gone on a practice run through the canal on another yacht. The girls are dying to see Emily again, in the mean time they have met a couple of Aussie kids but they are going though the canal tomorrow.