Cape Finisterre / Sardineiro

Moxie - Beck Family Adventure
Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
Mon 2 Aug 2010 23:00
Sardineiro 42.56.32N 009.13.83W
Soon we will call ourselves sailors, Cape Finisterre check.  So that leaves Capes Horn, and a great many others that I'd list here if my geography was up to scratch.   
Rounding Finisterre
 We pulled into Sardineiro and had our choice of two anchorages both completely empty of yachts.  We wondered what was wrong with us and why no one else was here - it seemed nice enough.    No wifi but that is becoming routine now.  Ria de Ares was it seems a bit special as we had our choice of two open connections there.
Day two there are now 11 boats in our private little anchorage, mostly French, I guess we were just lucky yesterday. 
So another nice day on the beach and another meal out, and a very nice meal it was too.  Bit of a false start on that one, we first went to a Tapas bar on the beachfront however it was obvious very shortly afterwards that they were in bar operation only.  So we ordered a couple of drinks, vino tinto, cerveza and dos coca colas.  The wine and beer were fine, the coke however turned out to be chocolate milk 'Coco Cao' and the waitress was asking if we wanted it in a glass or bottle.  Well we thought a glass would be nice and agreed, anyway she shot off with the kids drinks and arrived back with heated hot chocolate which the kids enjoyed all the same.
We posted a couple of letters (cheques really) off and other that that just chilled.  Really not a lot happens in this little village that we could tell anyway.  We had a bit of a dig for shellfish but found nothing bigger than a little fingernail, mussels were plentiful on the rocks though.  We had a guy swim out from the beach around the boat say hello and swim back to shore, there is also a guy snorkeling around with a spear gun but he seemed seem to return empty handed.
Many of the houses ashore have these raised stone food stores, according to the pilot book they are for grain storage, anyway they are a nice piece of heritage to retain.  Flowers on the beach were photo worthy too it seems.