AO day 3

Moxie - Beck Family Adventure
Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
Wed 20 Nov 2013 12:08

Noon pos 20 nov 2013 24.16.81n 019.06.385w

Very light winds from NE, spinnaker up 36 hours now speed averaging under 5knots. Massive fish hooked around 3am last night, battled him for over 2 hours, today I feel like a train wreck. In the end we lost him due to gear failure, the fish busted our kit. Don't know what it was, we never sighted it, but by comparison the 20 something kg fish we have previously had each came in within around 20 minutes. As well we lost him I think but would have been nice to see.

Temperature getting warmer by 2 degrees each day as we go south, now 25c. What temp does butter melt at? That's the time to turn west. All succumbing to tiredness but otherwise well.