Moxie - Beck Family Adventure
Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
Sat 7 Dec 2013 12:20
14.37.17n 48.19.02w 06 dec day20
14ktsene, sog7.0, dir 270, calm sea overcast sky Baro 1014.

Very light weather overnight, down to 4kts wind and collapsing spinnaker again at times.

Denise fixed the parasail and we are flying it again, it really does give a more comfy ride even on the cat, and it's a bit quicker on the direct downwind runs which is what we have now.

We are all getting a bit bored to be honest, Jenny and Brian add to the variety of entertainment value so that has been helpful. We are very happy to be so bored, it means there are no emergencies and that we have calm weather. I cannot believe how calm this crossing has been, we were expecting much worse. The girls are coping very well with sharing the small front cabin and have been getting on with school pretty much every day. Denise organised a whole heap of tiny gifts for them so they get one every day after finishing schoolwork, it is working very well. My estimate forthe trip was 18 days, we were expecting 20 -25 knot trade winds andafour metre swell for the whole crossing. I guess it is one of those years that will be written about and all the armchair sailors will already be on the Internet forums with expert hindsighted opinions, written in centrally heated comfort.

Anyway, 730 miles to go.

Big news is Moxie 1 is in the process of being sold (for a song). I once read a quote that said something like 'The majority of my money went on boats, the rest I wasted'.