Guadeloupe, Pigeon Island - Cousteau marine reserve - A MUST DO!

Moxie - Beck Family Adventure
Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
Fri 17 Jan 2014 13:33
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13 Jan 2014

We surprised Sudoeste by turning up in the Pigeon Island anchorage despite having said our final farewell back in Martinique, they need to travel more quickly than we have to because Sudoeste is going through Panama in March. We are planning to head north, way north for summer. Our current thinking is to leave from the Dominican Republic, where we can get extended stay American visas, go up to Burmuda and then north again to Maine or maybe even Halifax in Canada. We can then spend the northern hemisphere summer trickling down the eastern seaboard of America using the intercoastal waterway to avoid the gulf stream and be safely outside of the hurricane belt. But then our planning is fickle at best, let's see.

Yay, it does not rain in Guadeloupe! In fact from here on we should keep pretty dry as we head north.

We have been in this anchorage for a few days, the others have moved on again but we really like it here. We had a fantastic beach bonfire BBQ farewell, the kids played dodge ball and after dinner we all toasted marshmallows over the embers. Everyday we have been snorkelling, below the boat is sand and sea grass, it's basically a big paddock for sea turtles. Hawksbill Turtles eat sea grass and there are so many here that it takes only a few minutes swimming around to spot one. There are a lot of dive shops ashore to take people to the island but also every day we get a couple of boats full of snorkellers turning up to see our turtles. This is the best snorkelling I have ever done (so far), the variety of fish and coral is outstanding and turtles simply cool. The water is a bit murky though.

Yesterday Asia and I went swimming to the shoreline 200 metres from Moxie, we saw a decent sized puffer fish hiding in the weed, four cuttlefish swimming in formation and most surprisingly a one metre Iguana sitting on a rock Galapagos style, he did not come for a swim though.

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