Atlantic odyssey day 11, the great pond

Moxie - Beck Family Adventure
Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
Thu 28 Nov 2013 11:55
16.30.355n 032.49.705 w 28 nov 2013
9.5 it's SSE sog 6.5 dir 248, flat calm overcast, temp 27

Once more the Atlantic was like a vast pond past 24 hours, day yesterday predominantly less than 3 knots wind but thankfully 7-10 overnight mostly dead calm seas wind slightly forward of the beam so we made some progress with white sails. Will collect new forecast when sending this but expecting minimum 48 hours more of light & variable conditions. AO office scheduled to pack up and go by Dec 12 I think, debatable if we make it though west of 44 things look much better. In order to help Lunch today might consist beans & onions with black pepper snuff to finish.

Watched Harry Potter 1 (28th rerun) and 'of Pi', having already seen 'The Life' a couple of days ago and we don't have 'of Brian'. A movie day special since we were running the engine and had loads of electric.

The butter definitely melting 29.5 degrees. I think everyone got a peaceful nights sleep as there were no dramas. Watch routine is 9-12,12-3,3-6,6-9, watch informal but the 9-12 bod kicks it off at 9am.. We each shift forward one slot each day so everyone gets at share at getting coveted 9 hour sleeps, luxury.

Guitars have surfaced several days in a row now, Skip Bo yesterday Denise wins. No vessels sighted for a couple of days. Every sail flown yesterday at least twice but pretty briefly as we made everything of the light and variable conditions.

Slowly Approaching 35 degrees west where we need to drop the scientific research drifter buoy.

Pete has 'Greets to Down-under'.