Fw: Ibiza - Portinatx - Tuna at last!

Moxie - Beck Family Adventure
Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
Tue 16 Aug 2011 17:28

39.06.69N 001.30.77E Portinatx - last stop in Ibiza before Mallorca 30 July 2011
Reposted with images.

After catching up with Mike and Mandy we headed from we popped up to Portinatx ready to cross to Mallorca. Actually M&M had told us to look out for another boat 'Dry White' that had just crossed and who had some good info on layup options for winter so we decided to go find them.

Crossing to Mallorca

Finally we landed a tuna, just a wee bonito but after about 1000 miles of lures through the water we are very pleased.  When landed the little critter vibrated at a rate that was hard to believe, he spatted blood all over my teak before being pacified.  I've heard that you can use alcohol to quickly kill fish once landed, winch handles work too and then you can still toast your success!

It's about 55 miles between Ibiza and Mallorca, with not much wind we opted to motorsail and had a very pleasant crossing, probably our best ever.

We baked our fresh tuna on the Cobb BBQ. The thing about tuna is that there is very little wastage, they are solid meat, there's hardly any gut cavity and bugger all bones, so this wee fish was plenty for dinner.  Funny we are so happy to eat this one, it looks like the bonito that we only see as bait back in NZ.