Atlantic day 1

Moxie - Beck Family Adventure
Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
Mon 18 Nov 2013 16:27

Noon pos 26.56.21n 15.13.59w 18 nov 2013

Happy birthday Grandma and Uncle Tiny!

Going a bit slower than I wanted and in the wrong end of the pack I think. Actually though we have no idea all AIS boats are out of range where the others are we can only guess. HF radio receiver did not pick up the radio net today. Did speak with antaviana today on VHF, he is 9 miles away and in sight on horizon, he also having HF radio issues. Feels like we may have opted quite a southerly route compared to others, our thinking is to pass reasonably close by cape verde thus giving us a repair stop or crew escape post if required. Going that far south for sure we are in the true trades and can blast immediately west from there, so tempting to turn west now though, one reason not is to keep everything simple, down wind for us equals one sail at a time - genoa or parasailor. Currently we have wind 150 degs starboard, constant 20 gusting more, doing 6ish knots flying full genoa making for a comfy trip.

Lost our first fish &lure at 8:30, landed the next 8kg tuna though so he is lunch day 1.

Jenny and the girls are doing school now, Brian still looking for those sea legs but in good spirits.