Puerto Rico to Panama day 4

Moxie - Beck Family Adventure
Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
Mon 10 Mar 2014 16:06
Noon Pos 12.35.46n 074.49.75w
Date 10 March 2014 noon local time
Wind 18kts
Speed 9kts
24hr Run 177nm, 290 to go.

A nice run overnight very clam with good current assisting and 10-12 knots wind. Bit more blowy this morning and the sea has picked up. Making good speed.

Hooked something huge, he spooled my 500yards of 80lb line, the last 200 of which he took on full drag, there was no stopping him. Spinnaker was up so no chance to slow down trolling at about 9 knots, 2 or 3 minutes of screaming reel and it was over, nothing sighted.