Ria de Ares

Moxie - Beck Family Adventure
Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
Thu 29 Jul 2010 23:08
43.25.47N 008.14.08W
Ria de Ares
We motored around the corner from La Coruna to a lovely wee inlet with a choice of nice swimming beaches, rock pools, a playground and a supermarket close to the beach - everything we need and, guess what - Jaywalker left 2 hours before us and have came here today too, ha - snap.  So we have anchored a few hundred metres off the beach and got the tinker dinghy out and ready for more beach and bikinis. 
We took the girls snorkeling gear and gave them their first lessons outside of a bath.  I'm tempted to go for a dive as there were a few decent sized scallop shells on the beach, my hesitation is mainly that I only have one tank and no compressor - I'm kicking myself now for that decision, advice taken was that 2 grand would fill a lot of tanks, err yes it would, but it won't get done here and now and I so we'll need to find a dive shop, sail to it, carry the tank wait hmm where can I find some more dosh then?   Then again I don't know what the regulations are and my Spanish only says hello, thank you and counts to ten.
There's a wee boat next to us with a dog, the owners have gone ashore and the dog has decided to go too.  Just as well the dinghy was out and ready as by the time I got to him and pulled him aboard he was a very tired dog indeed.  The boat Timalli I think had a small platform on the boarding ladder and I managed to get him back aboard safely enough.  The owners were very surprised to hear the story and very pleased indeed to still have him, here he is back safe and sound.
Beach ball is really popular, basically paddy tennis bats and a squash ball, so do as the locals do we ventured into town and got our own.  We had a bit of a false start on that one and bought the wooden bats with the plastic grip that breaks in 3 minutes flat, so now we have the solid plastic variety as well.   We are still all stand out white skins but with temperatures reaching about 30 every day and hardly a cloud that will change soon.
Before we left we spoke to our circumnavigator neighbors 'Windsong' about their experiences, in 5 years they did not catch a single fish.  What they needed was a Denise, 10 minutes!
We stayed here 3 days, tomorrow we are off back in the right direction 45 miles or so to the wee fishing villiage of Corme.