Another week goes by

Moxie - Beck Family Adventure
Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
Fri 1 Jun 2012 20:14

We are still in Santa Ponsa, actually we rather like it here and it has been dead calm all week.

Nothing from Fischer panda yet, but we have an interim solution we have bought a 2kw Honda generator, it pumps in 60 amps, starts first pull and cost us just 550 euro. It is second hand but never used and still in the box, the original receipt reads 1720 euro! It is noisy and drinks smelly petrol but we can live with it for a while, it's a Honda so will go forever. I think the trick is start it up, bugger off to have a beer and when you get back batteries are charged and it has turned itself off (run out of fuel).

We have gotten to know Patrick and Jane (yacht brand new day), Americans on an identical beneteau 473, they were also in sant carles marina for winter.

As it turns out poor Patrick got ousted as being a plumber the day before our holding tank decided to start urging into the bilge. I did my best but in the end 'called the plumber' for some extra man hands and advice. All fixed now but very difficult to fit he new standard size 38mm pipe to 40mm fittings. 40mm cannot be bought. Anyway all done now.

The girls met Louisa (11) from Norway, her english was very good. The girls played on he beach all day, at night the adults drank and the girls played on th beach. Unfortunately they removed shoes to run in the sand and 2 pairs were taken. Crocs are not worth stealing. The girls suspect it was the sunglasses street vendor, as do we.

10 pm and we are enjoying a wine in the cockpit.