Moxie and The Rock

Moxie - Beck Family Adventure
Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
Mon 20 Jun 2011 08:54
36.18.05n 005.21.38w
 In Barbate we also met up with the South African yacht Chanty, Carol and Craig whom we had met in Alcoutim last year, also here for the night and headed for Gib.  Azzurro, Chanti and ourselves motored in company on to Gibraltar due to a fairly persistent headwind - Easterly 5 (as opposed to the variable 2-3 occ 4 forecast).  Easy trip though and we were thankful for the companionship.
The narrowest part of the Gibraltar straight separating Europe from Africa is just 8 miles, quite exciting and a new experience for us to see another continent.
Morocco, just 7 miles away from us but barely visible in the haze.
Another courtesy flag, The Rock behind.  We, one of few boats it seems to bother with the official flag of Gibraltar, most just suffice with the British Ensign.
Another marina beckoned, we headed for Queensway as it seemed more central to town.  It's not - go to Ocean Village.  Anyway this was our first encounter of Mediterranean style mooring.  In the Med they dispense with pontoon fingers altogether and instead create a massive yacht sandwich with all boats either bow or stern to the pier and anchored behind.  It's then a matter of contriving some contraption to enable getting on and off the boat.  Our ramp/ladder came with the yacht and has just had it's first outing, we'll get something a bit better sorted out in terms of attachment while we are here so we will stay put a while but for now a simple lashing is doing the job.
Moxie bow to Med style on laundry day.
Asia, perhaps overestimating the wind threat?  Denise had already removed 10 pegs when we took this shot.
Top of the Rock North with the Spanish town of La Linea (the line) beond, and looking South over to Morocco.  We caught the cable car up and walked down which took around an hour and a half.  The temperature reading at the base of the cable car read 39!  Aranya later described to us a black insect with crab like nippers that she had seen on the path coming down.
Monkeys at the top of the hill with some Barbary Apes behind.  The girls pointed out that these monkeys are not monkeys because they have no tails, quite right, but these are apparently the exception to the rule being the only tail-less monkeys in the world.  When asked to explain why the best I could come up with was that some guy with a beard, socks and sandals must have said it to be so.
Inside St Michaels cave.  The natural cave in the limestone high up the mountain was fitted out during WWII as an emergency hospital but never used, it now hosts throngs of tourists every day and houses a stage and seating for concerts such is the vastness of the place. 
We did a huge shop at Morrisons, could not resist stocking up on a FEW familiar comforts and Denise eventually found room to store everything.
Oh and someone had a birthday and we went bowling