AO22, roller coaster

Moxie - Beck Family Adventure
Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
Mon 9 Dec 2013 12:05
14.27.74n 53.34.69w dec 08 2013
19kts NE, sog 6.5, rough, overcast, 1016

Things have gotten quite a bit more lively aboard Moxie, with the parasailor up last night and wind 20-24 we were trucking along, the roar of the wake, a mini rooster tail forming behind, occasional waves paying a cheecky visit to the cockpit, grin ear to ear (everyone else asleep or more likely trying), me and the sea :-).

Swap watch to Jenny and we had to calm things down a bit, so after 30 minutes or so on the roller coaster we woke Denise and dropped the spinnaker, flying now just the genoa and getting along at about 8 knots Jenny recons things still feel unstable, but this is the kiddy ride I said. Wind continued above 20 all night and is forecast this way until we arrive.

Passed very close by the West Atlantic marker Buoy in the wee hours.

Daybreak, gmt 9:30, sea has calmed down considerably, 20 kts wind steady, feels totally relaxed in comparison.

Thoughts have turned now to the boats behind us, (there will be some) but actually we have little clue, we hope everyone is doing fine in their mono wobblers. My guess is that Sudoeste will arrive today, perhaps even yesterday.