The Final Blue Sky Blog

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Wed 21 Jul 2010 20:23
Hello Once Again Friends                      "17:35.2S 149:36.9W"
We did say 'out' after the last blog, but we had a farewell dock party last night which was so spectacular that we thought you'd want to know.
Here we are being entertained by one of the young ladies with fire poi (the flames are difficult to picture clearly but are the flash above the sail cover)
Jugs of rum punch and surplus stocks various odd spirits were laid out and the revelry continued until the early hours, with spontaneous entertainments and music from other cruisers. We did manage to get security called by using Jim's military issue water bomb catapult, but a quick word from a fluent french speaker fixed that little problem and we carried on regardless. Here's Jim taking aim...
A few cruisers were strangely slow to start the day this morning, but other than a few brain cells, no permanent injuries were sustained.
Summed up this morning by 'absolutely brilliant' and 'the best dock party ever' and a fitting finish to our glorious cruise on Blue Sky.
Next stop: Heathrow on Friday morning then Greenwich for a while then Cornwall.
Best Wishes and definitely OUT this time.
George and Michael