Back in Business Again

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Sat 10 Mar 2007 23:21
Dear Friends                                "17:04.46N 61:40.43W"
I was eventually able to upload the two videos of English Harbour and Falmouth Harbour to the website and they are at the top of the Home Page. They are a bit cheap and cheerful but it may give you a feel of what it's like here.
We enjoyed a real Sunday Morning constitutional last week, walking to the Dockyard and out to Berkeley Point and returning to Falmouth via the coast. The breeze just about made it bearable. Here is the view down to Nelson's Dockyard.
(Nelson's Dockyard on the left and Antigua Slipway on the right.)
As we were waiting for repairs again Michael took the opportunity of having a few repairs himself and visited the Dentist in St Johns to get a few overdue crowns done and had his back sorted out a bit with the osteopath at 'Tree House' Body Shop in Falmouth. We both miss the long walks along the coast path in Cornwall and in any case it's too hot here to exercise vigorously.
The very good news is that the Plotter turned up on Friday all fit and well with the latest software and we are now more or less fully functional again. Raymarine in the US must have turned the thing round in 24 hours as we heard that it only arrived in the US on Tuesday and on Friday it was back in Antigua.
We are now back at anchor in the E end of Antigua, near Green Island where we've visited before. We enjoyed a brisk beat upwind to get here - over 20 knots of breeze the whole way.
Not too much else to report and next week we hope to continue our journey to Nevis - all being well...
Here's another composite pic of Falmouth Harbour to keep you entertained.
Best Wishes
George and Michael