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Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Sat 27 Feb 2010 19:29
Hello Friends                "3:14S 122:29W"
Thanks to Sherry, Eva, Sam and Edwin for advising us of the Santiago earthquake and subsequent tsunami warning.
The Pacific Tsumani Warning Centre shows that the wave(s) 'hit' Nuku Hiva at 1745 GMT today or 0945 boat time with a wave about a metre high. Had we been anchored there we would probably have been OK as we usually anchor in deep water and allow plenty of scope of chain. Maybe a few things would have been tipped over.
From the epicentre, that's about 4000 miles in 11 hours or about 360 nautical miles per hour. That would equate to passing us at about 0800 this morning boat time at which time George and I were peacefully enjoying a morning cuppa and didn't notice anything at all - sorry ! This is probably due to the fact that the ocean is over 4 kilometres deep here - nice and safe.
It's interesting (to sailors anyway) to note that at Hiva Oa, which is much more exposed to the southeast, the wave was recorded as 1.8m high. One of the reasons why we decided to make landfall at Nuku Hiva - a better protected anchorage.
With a big quake like that there may well be a few aftershocks so we'll make sure we anchor safely when we get to Nuku Hiva, hopefully in time for celebratory cocktails next Friday.
All well on board, the pleasant smell of baking pervades the boat as George is baking bread.
Best Wishes
George, Michael, Alex and Simon