Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Wed 24 Feb 2010 03:04
Hello Friends            "0:0N 113:0W"
Today's blog comes to you from zero degrees.
Not Longitude as in Greenwich, but Latitude as in the Equator.
We celebrated with a glass of bubbly or two and a splendid macaroni cheese prepared by our onboard chef George.
Naturally, a glass was offered to Neptune also.
here we are a few minutes ago...
We crossed the Equator just before 1830 boat time today (GMT -8).
Earlier today we saw another whale close up - just a few boat lengths behind. A different species from the whales we saw near Central America, which had a marked spinal ridge on their backs. This one was at least 10 metres long, was smooth backed with a noticeable hooked fin. maybe you can identify the species from the 'net ?
The winds are gentle tonight - only 10 knots or so - but Blue Sky has been sailing well in light airs and is managing at least 5 knots this evening with another 1.7 knots of current to help us.
Nuku Hiva is only 1,700 miles away.
Best Wishes
Simon, Alex, Michael and George