Boat Cleaning

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Thu 21 Feb 2008 17:23
Hello Friends                        "17:14.5N 62:39.6W"
Now we work our way back south-east again, to rendezvous in Guadeloupe in early March.
Our return to St Kitts went well under the circumstances since, as Michael eventually admitted, the seas were some of the biggest we'd seen since arriving in the Caribbean. Anyway, we didn't see much over 30 knots apparent or 10 knots boat speed, so the journey didn't take too long !
Barbara managed fine with another Hyoscine patch though every time she managed to get dry, another wave launched itself skyward and then sprayed back into the cockpit. At least we were all rewarded with a good anchorage for the night in Ballast Bay, St Kitts.
Saturday saw us in Nevis - a volcano...
Nevis is home to a huge Four Seasons resort, visible with green roofs in the middle of the beach here and also a number of rather pleasant Plantation House hotels. As we visited on Saturday, almost everything was closed (I guess it must be Real Quiet on Sundays) but we has a good drive around, including lunch at Golden Rock Estate - formerly a Plantation House, now a comfortable hotel.
Here we are getting the taste buds prepared in the flower filled garden with a view. Redonda is the bump on the horizon 16 miles away just to the R of the post.
The Girls were delivered safely to the airport for their return to the UK, though after delays in Antigua, fog at Gatwick and waiting in Manchester, they probably thought 30 knots at sea was preferable! Next time we'll choose somewhere a little more gentle for them.
and just in case you think it's all too much like hard work out here, here's the First Mate pretending to snooze by the pool in St Martin, with St Barths on the horizon. I say pretending, as the wall he is posing on is only 5 inches wide with a steep drop on the other side. But we will go to any lengths to bring you the best blog photos on the net.
We are now relaxing in Ballast Bay and have cleaned the boat again. We plan to be off to Guadeloupe at the weekend with an overnight stop in Montserrat on the way. We then look forward to meeting up again with Sally and Andy on 'Esprit' and to picking up the next Cabin Boy, Fabio, on 7 March.
Then we have the latest news - Zoë and Matt will be joining us in Antigua on 10 March for a couple of weeks serious relaxation - expect a full report here !
and finally...
a gratuitous sunset photo taken by Barbara from Ballast Bay
Best Wishes
George & Michael