Forward Planning

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Sun 16 Nov 2008 16:59
Hello Friends                            "12:27.45N 61:29.24W"
We have a couple of things to report to our eager readers so here's another blog after only two weeks. We can introduce Alex, our new Cabin Boy and we've been thinking about our cruising plans for this year, so we've a tentative plan (below) which will interest Pom and Barbara and Frederik.

Firstly, Alex arrived on schedule on the 6th and was immediately put to work helping to install more solar panels without so much as the chance of a swim first. Fortunately he is a very efficient Fitter's Mate and our solar output is now up to 580 watts. The only problem is that it hasn't been too sunny the last week, so we've not had the best out of them yet.
As soon as possible, we escaped from the marina and headed north up to Ile Ronde where Alex immediately put his underwater camera to good use when he found an Octopus.
Alex is from Vancouver Island and found the sea temperature here (30 Celsius) a bit of a shock at first. Not surprisingly he's quickly adapted and has already invented the Mark 1 lobster claw with the aid of a couple of wire hangers and a plastic pipe, to winkle the lobsters out from under their rocks. The proving of the design is eagerly awaited!
We again hiked up the hill in Carriacou so that Alex could see the view. This time we were lucky enough to find a wild tortoise near the top... a picture paints a thousand words as they say...
The tortoises are wild in Carriacou, though if found by the locals they end up as pets. You'll be happy to know that this one was released after its photo call. It probably owes its freedom to living near the top of the hill where few can be bothered to climb.
We'll save the other photo from the hill for the end of the blog...

So here's the tentative Itinerary for the coming season...
December 2008 - Grenadines, Bequia and Martinique for Christmas
January 2009 -      Guadeloupe and Les Saintes, Antigua and Barbuda  then on to St Martin
February -              St Martin, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and possibly the Dominican Republic
March -                   Cuba !
April -                      Cuba and then across to Belize
May -                       Costa Rica and then down to the San Blas Islands off Panama
It will apparent to keen-eyed bloggers that Panama is noted for its Canal to the Pacific and it may well be that we go through and cruise the Pacific Islands, but that would be a whole new Itinerary which we'll have to think about.

And here's the final photo from the hill, for which the most amusing caption will be published in the next blog !
Best Wishes
George, Michael and Alex