And They're Off !

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Sun 5 Nov 2006 10:14
Hello Friends
We're in Lagos and we have a working radar! In fact it was returned on Tuesday and we fitted it there and then. We reckon it was probably just a software reload though the Raymarine agent in Lisbon did not enlighten us as to what work they had done.
The week went past quite quickly - we had a walk around the lagoons at Alvor with the friendly 'Navigators' Club' ie the local Brits, on Wednesday. We saw crested larks and black-winged stilts in abundance but only one flamingo in the distance. On Friday we had a tradiitonal afternoon on the beach, swimming and playing frisbee (great beach here).
Ben and Barnie have been honing their Poi skills  to the entertainment of our neighbours. We have some video of that and some sailing which we'll upload as soon as there is a decent service. (The WiFi here is painfully slow - we think there must be a Portuguese lady tapping it out in Morse somewhere between here and the rest of the internet - thank you Pronto Networks!)
But most significantly, the weather forecast for the next week looks by far the most promising for six weeks, so after lunch, we'll set off for Madeira. We intend to stay there for a few days and rent a car for a look round, so with any luck we'll have some photos for next week's blog.
Best Wishes
George and Michael