Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Tue 25 Aug 2009 22:54

Hello Friends                    "9:24.2N 82:19.7W"

I’ve had a very disturbed morning.

It started out well when I eventually awoke at 0730 - rather late for a yachtie, but since the sea was millpond smooth, the boat felt as thought it was set in concrete and provided no stimulus to rousing.

The kettle went on and tea was brewed. Email was checked and all seemed well with the world so I repaired to the cockpit with my latest book.

There I am quietly minding my own business and one of the loudest sounds is the blood gently circulating in my arteries. When I hear a breathing noise close by. Since the nearest boat is half a mile away this is odd. I hear it again and turn around, nothing there.

Then again - I turn and see the local solo dolphin who has come to say ‘buenos dias’. He must be trying to attract my attention as he’s not just breathing but doing little jumps and flips just a boat length behind Blue Sky. I’ve been told that this guy likes a bit of company, so down goes the book and so does the dinghy, so I can get in for a swim.

I make a few clicks underwater and I’m sure he’s checking me out, but the water has a top layer of freshwater with particles from a river up the coast, so visibility is poor and I see nothing. Probably just as well, as the dolphin has a reputation for being somewhat, ahem, over-affectionate. Maybe next time I will be more favoured...

So I get out and shower off - at least the swim was refreshing and has woken me up sufficiently to muster the energy to refill my mug of tea before settling down to my book again.

As I’m getting settled, more disturbance - a whinny from the beach - the horses are up too. There are a couple of chestnuts and a dappled gray who seem to live on this patch and graze up and down the beach, sometimes taking a canter just for the fun of it. I suppose they must belong to someone as they seem in very good order but they certainly have an easy life for most of the time.

They seem in good spirits again this morning and work their way along the beach to leave me in peace once again.

The only noise now is a strange hollow quacking - honking coming from some strange bird in the jungle. Sounds like an essential element of the background track to David Attenborough whispering excitedly in a rainforest somewhere - but it’s not too disturbing really.

Must go, I think it’s time to rig the hammock before I’m disturbed again.

later that day...

You’ll be pleased to hear that, since I’d lowered the dinghy anyway, I went out in it to take a pic of Blue Sky, just for your benefit...

Anyway, can’t stop, must get back up to the cockpit to watch the sky slowly turn pink over the mountains of Costa Rica as the sun goes to bed.

Best Wishes

Michael (the singlehanded sailor)