Dean 2

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Sun 19 Aug 2007 17:48
Hello Friends                            "12:00.6N 61:44.3W"
Well we knew it was going to be called Dean as there is a list of names on the NOAA website (you have to wait until 2012 for Hurricane Michael !) We guess you have by now, been reading about Dean in the news generally as it has unfortunately done a lot of damage in Dominica, Martinique and St Lucia.
By the time you read this you can probably add Jamaica to that list ...
We are indebted to NOAA for their excellent forecasting service with 6 hourly email updates on the projected hurricane track, pretty accurate too in this case, though hurricanes can move unpredictably sometimes.
In fact the most wind we experienced here was about 25 knots from the south, presumably swept up in the big tail on Dean to the SE which you can see in the pic.
The red dot (the closest approach by Dean) covers most of Martinique and St Lucia - the blue dot (us) is where Grenada is - about 150 miles away from the hurricane centre on Friday morning.
So all quiet again down here, but the fresher winds helped charge up the batteries so we treated ourselves to another episode of Dr Who last night.

So you're having some difficulty with our little quiz photo, eh?
Here's another pic., which might provide a clue to stop you going nuts.
(and yes, Ian and Alan, you do know the answer as you were there !)

We're just going to move very slightly to a windier corner of the bay and then there is a barbecue on the island for the cruisers this afternoon. It's a hard life, but we do our best.
Best Wishes
George & Michael