Trapped !

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Tue 8 Apr 2008 15:08
Hello Friends                            "17:01.1N 61:46.4W"
We know you don't want to hear this, but while those back in the UK are enjoying unseasonable Alpine weather, it has again been gloriously sunny here...!
(But for those reading in Sydney Australia, it is of course grey and rainy here and all the photos have been laboriously re-touched)
After dropping Zoë & Matt, we again headed up east to the Green Island anchorage and as usual plonked ourselves in the middle of the area behind the reef, between Green and Bird islands, to get the best of the wind. However, as there were a lot of learner kitesurfers (...think masthead wind instruments and aerials being caught in the lines) and the forecast was fairly frisky, we tucked in more cosily just off the beach at Green Island.
This move turned out to be a very good idea as we had sustained 30 knot winds for several days, but we were very comfortable and got down to some chores. Firstly, we had a little incident on the beat up east - a bottle of cane sugar syrup liberated itself and spread over some saloon cushions and the cabin sole. Think seriously STICKY !!
Anyway, with all the wind, we made lots of fresh water and filled the tanks up as well as washing all the saloon cushions and anything else which looked in need of freshening. We even cleaned out the bilges so we have a very fresh boat after a serious Spring Clean. Since the skipper is in charge of blogs, there is of course no photo of him up to his elbows in soapy water or on hands & knees doing the bilges. At least skippering has some rewards...
George meanwhile unpacked the new Blue Sky sewing machine and got down to business with some saloon cushion repairs...
The saloon layout is a triumph of design fancy over common sense and practicality, lots of curves which look good in a boat show but just give you a twisted spine if you try to get comfy in a corner. Anyway, at least they will hold together for a bit longer.
And we had lots of time to do all this as there were large swells associated with the sustained strong wind and we could not get out of the anchorage to the open sea. There is a bar at the entrance to the channel with depths as little as 5 metres: as the swell forecast was over 4 metres it would be easy to imagine breaking waves and all sorts of problems - hence the blog title - Trapped! In fact one other boat - a Swan of over 60 feet - did get out, but only after being knocked down (mast sideways) and nearly having crew overboard.
But you can see from this photo (Blue Sky in foreground) that we weren't suffering too much. Photo from Green Island, Bird Island is the dot in the middle. Check the line of breakers on the fringeing reef. [Bump in horizon due to eccentricities of autostitch.]
With being "trapped", there was a certain team spirit amongst the cruisers ("Happy Spirit" on port quarter and "Rush" on port bow in pic; "Bright Eyes" not in pic) with much eating, drinking and Scrabble, finished off with a beach BBQ for all on Sunday afternoon. And a delightful afternoon it was too.
We are now back in Falmouth Harbour and have met up with "Esprit" and "Kelp Fiction", freshly arrived from Guadeloupe: let the partying continue.
and we hope the weather gets better soon back in Europe!
Best Wishes
George & Michael