Freedom Again

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Sun 30 Jul 2006 17:46
Dear Friends
At last - we're repaired and have our freedom. Our starter motor took one whole week to get from Oxfordshire to Corsica by DHL - so don't believe their silly adverts !! Michael fitted same without too much difficulty, though it was a bit fiddly.
All this meant that Di had rather less sailing than she had hoped - just from Ile Rousse to Calvi yesterday but there was time for some swimming and of course George's cooking.
After dropping Di in Calvi we had another swim and G found a pristine pair of sunglasses on the seabed - must have ony been dropped recently.
Other than that - not much to report - we're just enjoying our freedom to swing quietly at anchor and doze. We'll have a look south along the coast this week and report further next Sunday.
Here's a pic from last evening - exercising the horses along the beach.
Best wishes
George and Michael