Crew Change

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Sun 31 Aug 2008 16:05
Hello Friends                    "12:02.65N 61:44.98W"   
Despite hurricanes further to the North West, the weather here in Grenada has been gentle with winds actually rather light for our taste - often less than 10 knots which makes it a bit sticky and buggy. Last week we decided there was just about enough wind to go up to Carriacou for a sortie though we had to stop at Ile Ronde for the night as we were sailing so slowly.
Ile Ronde (between Grenada and Carriacou) is a good anchorage provided that the swell is small as the swell washes around the ends of the island and makes the anchorage rolly. But with such light winds there was no problem. Fede managed a bit of good snorkelling...
On the way back south, we again stopped at Ile Ronde for the night and saw a waterspout only half a mile away. Though the breeze was light where we were anchored, you could easily see the violent spinning and updraft inside the waterspout. We watched it for 20 minutes or so and then it dissipated very quickly - in only 30 seconds - as the storm moved off. Of course being too close to a waterspout would be dangerous, though quite how you get out of the way if one is coming at you, we wonder...
Regular bloggers will be astonished to hear that we took a little exercise by joining the Grenada Hash for a couple
of outings. One a moonlit hash starting at 1900 and conducted by torchlight and one last weekend conducted in a
violent rainstorm !!! We survived the experience (and the traditional 'christening' after the
first one) and of course it's another way to meet new friends on the island.
On the way back south, the winds off the west of Grenada were very light and the sea almost flat. Perfect conditions
for viewing dolphins and we were lucky to see a school which obligingly played around the bow for several minutes
and posed for photos. Very sharp eyed bloggers will see that the dolphin on the left has a bent over dorsal fin - a legacy
from some old injury we presume, but it did not seem to be inconvenienced by it's deformity.
We're in the marina in St George's where we took delivery of a new dinghy yesterday and some new house batteries are
due tomorrow. We also have a new cabin boy - Rainer - arriving later today and Fede is returning to Switzerland in a couple
of weeks which will make him the longest serving cabin boy yet.
It has been suggested by Matt that we might send an email circular to those interested when we publish a new blog. We
don't want to email everyone of course, but if you'd like to know when there's a new blog, let me know by email and we'll add
you to the circular list.
and for those viewing in the UK or Oz, yes it's blue sky again today, with little white fluffy clouds and the air and sea
temperature is about 30 degrees, happy days !
Best Wishes
George, Michael & Fede