Finishing on a High Note

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Fri 16 Jul 2010 05:06
Hello Friends                      "17:35.2S 149:36.9W"
Correction : Greg was of course photographed in the last blog with the very lovely Miss Huahine, not Miss Tahiti. Thanks to eagle-eyed blog readers for keeping us on our toes!
So, what's the big news?
As you probably know by now, Blue Sky has been put up for sale in Australia and we were planning to head west to Brisbane, maybe selling before we made it to Aus, maybe not. In fact our Panama Canal buddies on 'Tumshi' also had their catamaran for sale for a year and recently found a buyer here in Tahiti.
So when we reported in 'Bali Hai Moonrise' on 28 June that we'd met up with Tumshi, it wasn't for purely social reasons as apparently Friedl and Angelika have had their eyes on Blue Sky for some time.
So we quickly agreed a deal and the last two weeks have been spent arranging the practicalities. We'd hoped to sail a little further west but in this market, a buyer cannot be trifled with. So we sold Blue Sky in a few weeks, rather than the few years it usually takes to sell a boat.
We've sailed 26,000 miles and had all sorts of adventures, so it's good to be finishing on a high note, having enjoyed a fantastic Pacific Crossing with Alex and Simon and the warm hospitality and amazing sights of French Polynesia.
So it's back to Blighty for George and Michael and the task of setting up a shore-base, or as landlubbers would have it, buying a home. There will be a 'Blue Sky 2' in the future and meanwhile we may charter a bit just to keep our hands in.
Here's Blue Sky a couple of years ago at the regatta in Carriacou.
We look forward to catching up with friends and family in the UK - and we give our apologies to our friends in Australia !
Best Wishes and OUT
from George, Michael and Greg