Starter Motors and other things

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Wed 12 Jul 2006 07:33
Hello Friends
We have an extra blog today.
We're now moored up in L'Ile Rousse in North west Corsica, a very atractive town with the dramatic backdrop of the Corsican mountains - in many respects like north west Scotland but on a grand scale and rather warmer.
L'Ile Rousse
We had a little incident ... started the engine to weigh anchor & move round the coast and smelt burning. It turned out the starter motor had failed to disengage for as yet unknown reasons and the engine had spun it to destruction, shorting the engine start battery until the terminals melted.
Yanmar and our insurers are now investigating and repair, but I guess we'll be staying in L'Ile Rousse for a week or so. Anyway, no one hurt and it's a very attractive town, the air temperature is in the high 30s and the water temperature in the high 20s, so it's not too hard for us. There is a railway which we may take for a ride to see a little more of the island but I think it's just too hot to do much walking in the mountains.
Best wishes
George & Michael