Costa Blanca

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Sun 1 Oct 2006 11:01
Hello Friends
Welcome back to the Blog!
Let's start with some nature - a pic of a genuine Audouins Gull (note red bill & black stripe) demonstrating his technique for walking on water.
actually we were trying to feed him as we were having lunch, but every scrap thrown was intercepted by the fish before he could get to it. Obviously not as tenacious as your typical British herring gull, which generally takes your food before it's thrown.
Palma turned out to be full so we left Blue Sky in El Arenal just to the south. Sue returned to the UK and Ben arrived on time to look after the boat. We had a successful trip back to the UK for George's Mum's birthday party and for Michael's brothers' annual reunion.
We sailed west around the picturesque north side of Ibiza - not a disco in sight, fortunately! Here's a pic of a very comfortable anchorage which was host to an epic afternoon nap. (3 photos, joined by autostitch - thanks Ian).
Yet again we're on a schedule - must get to Gib in time to meet Barnie and Alex, so we crossed to Spain yesterday and anchored just S of Cabo de San Antonio. As I type, we're heading SW just off Benidorm and the wind is set to turn against us tommorow evening, so we'll probably carry on nostop until somewhere round Almeria. Getting to Gib is quite possibly the last time we're ever going to try to get anywhere on schedule - much better to ignore the date and just wait until the wind suits.
and as I'm signing off - STOP PRESS - George has just caught a nice large fish - we think a red tuna, in time for lunch too !
Best Wishes and Bon Appetit
George and Michael