Blue Sky photos

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Tue 26 Feb 2008 13:55
Hello Friends                                "16:18.5N 61:47.8W"
On the way from St Kitts we saw another boat "Eaux Vives" on the beat up to Montserrat and after they anchored near us overnight, we chased them down to Guadeloupe. Since we are a larger and faster boat, we inevitably overtook them despite leaving Montserrat an hour and a half later, but they were very kind and took some photos as we were overhauling them not far from Guadeloupe.
So a special 'Blue Sky' photos blog:
In the distance ... Blue Sky on the chase, heeled and foam running from the bow wave...
A few minutes later and Blue Sky is much bigger ... (though, OK, I must grind up the genoa halyard a touch)
not long after that and it's all over as we head past...
With many thanks to Lance of Eaux Vives for the pics.
Not much else to report - we hope you're all well wherever you are.
Best Wishes
George & Michael