Antigua again

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Mon 24 Mar 2008 15:19
Hello Friends                         "17:01.0N 61:46.4W"
Zoë & Matt decided they liked Guadeloupe so we went up to Point a Pitre and checked into the marina there next to 'Kelp Fiction' and a few yards from 'Esprit'. Due socialising followed, though reasonably paced as we'd missed Andy's birthday the previous day and all our friends were a little quieter than usual !!
We duly checked out the Spice Market in Point a Pitre town, one of our favourites and of course did some provisioning in the French supermarkets.
Our return sail was expected to be tedious as there had been a large northerly swell, following on from bad weather off the eastern US. In fact, the seas were not that bad, though it must have been a bit frisky at some stage as the dock in Deshaies has been smashed and now needs rebuilding. Here are a few sailing action shots.
Setting the Main - Skippy watching the sail, George and Fabio hauling on the halyard and Matt trying to look as though he knows what's going on...
and just to show that we did get Matt to do some real work, here he is attempting to furl the Genoa. Frankly, we could all have retired for a cup of tea and a nap while he was grinding the winch, but he did managed to furl the sail - eventually. Verdict : renew gym membership !
The return north to Antigua was a little bit lumpy, but not nearly as rough as we'd feared so all was well enough. Matt's hyoscine patches worked fine and in fact Zoë was the one who felt a bit queasy.
Fabio has now return to Italy to pursue his studies in Design in Milan and Matt and Zoë are due off in a few hours. As I type, they are on the beach catching up with few last minutes of sun.
So next week it will all seem a bit quiet with only the two hardened mariners left on board. We'll chill for a few weeks before our rendezvous with the Portsmouths in Guadeloupe next month. Thereagain, maybe we'll have things to do as George was clearly threatening to test my MOB skills last week...
We hope you all had a very good Easter holiday and that the UK weather picks up a bit (snow !!!).
Best Wishes
George & Michael