Blue Lagoon

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Sun 15 Oct 2006 10:38
Hello Friends
We had an interesting, and indeed rapid exit from the Mediterranean, flying our Kemp spinnaker goosewinged with the main as we went through the Straits. Perhaps a little too much sail on reflection, but it made for a very short journey to Cadiz, despite the odd broach (well 3 actually, the last one so violent that we ended up going astern under momentum!) No harm done though and I think we entertained Alex who thought sailing was like that all the time.
(Ben and Barnie have requested that the Blog records that Michael was steering at the time, though Michael notes that the wind was so strong that a 20 degree wobble was enough to become uncontrollable!)
A couple of nights in Cadiz was followed by a night in Mazagon, before coming over to the Faro/Olhau lagoon. We had quite a bit of gentle sailing - managing about 60% of apparent wind speed which equated to 5 to 6 knots boat speed in about 8 knots true wind, which we thought was quite good. A good opportunity for tinkering with the set of the sails to see what worked best.
We are now anchored very comfortably in the Blue Lagoon just south of Faro and Olhau in the company of some other amicable cruisers. Barnie impressed everyone by catching two fish - spearfishing by hand from the deck...
The lagoon here is very beautiful - a one-dimensional charcoal smudge between sea and sky. To the north there are low islands which join up at low tide and almost disappear at high water. Beyond those, the low hump of Faro and the white scribble of buildings at Olhau, backed by the hills further north.
To the south is the Island of Culatra - a few small single storey buildings and dunes - nowhere more than a few feet above high tide. There is a small village with a few very informal bars and a couple of shops and somewhere there are a couple of tractors and a tuk-tuk for transport. It all seems very remote for Europe, but it's a friendly enough place and the beach on the south side is fantastic soft white sand stretching into the distance.
In fact that's where we're off to shortly for a game of frisbee and a stroll along the water's edge, so the pace of life aboard Blue Sky continues, hectic as ever...
Best Wishes
George and Michael