Day 2

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Mon 27 Nov 2006 13:30
Hello Friends                                            "24:48.02N 18:19.79W"
Sun still hot and getting hotter - the bimini has been rigged for a bit of shade whilst we're having lunch.
We have some running repairs to report - G mending the rather decrepit remains of our lazybag...
..and we had some trouble with our spinnaker pole. Firstly the cord for setting the trigger bolt became twisted and refused to set. We brought the pole to the cockpit for a more convenient look but in course of inspection, a crew member who shall be nameless and referred to only by the initial G, managed to lose a critical bit of the pole overboard. The pole is now fixed to the mast by a bit of dynmeema line and looks quite smart and adequately functional.
Barny decided to practice his digeridoo technique while the pole was taken aft...
We have seen a couple of yachts, passing astern and I guess headed for the Cape Verdes.
Lastly I have to mention for sailors generally, that for whom we rely on weather forecasts, had their server down this last weekend and, being blissfully unaware that this weekend was the start of the ARC, had no one on duty to fix the problem. Know thy customer !
Best Wishes
George, Michael and the team
PS. thanks for emails of encouragement from Greenwich, Bude, Surrey and the Netherlands.