Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Sun 13 Jul 2008 19:26
Hello Friends                        "12:00.2N 61:45.0W"
Well, the mystery fruit in the last blog was apparently a Pitaya or Dragon Fruit. We are not entirely surprised to learn that they are available in Tesco !
We have made rapid progress south through the Grenadines in order to get George to Grenada airport from where he returns to the UK for two weeks from Tuesday. From Bequia we sailed direct to the Tobago Cays and were greeted with gentle weather and not too many boats. As expected, Fede's camera was put to good use. In order to get your attention here's a fun pic - it caught Fede's attention too when he was swimming around the reef, but the shark was even more scared and swam off rapidly.
We have too many excellent fish photos to bore you with here, but a couple of parrot fish might be of interest - firstly a particular fish with interesting markings...
Parrot fish nibble chunks off the coral and have a pronounced beak for the purpose - as shown in this close up of a different fish which is obligingly smiling for the camera.
We've visited Union island and then sailed down to Carriacou to check in to Grenada. The following day we performed a circumnavigation of Carriacou for the fun of it, pausing in Petit Martinique and observed the election underway. The election has brought about a change in government and seems to have been a popular change judging by our conversations with those in Grenada.
Our sail down to Grenada along the windward side brought some success with fishing after a long failure - first a modest sized barracuda and then a wahoo of about 0.8 metre length.
There's not a much else to report, so we'll finish with another visual - George playing 'turtle tag' in the Cays.
Best Wishes
George, Michael & Fede