Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Tue 27 Jun 2006 12:55
Hello Friends
We're now in Provence, having enjoyed a very good sail from Menorca with great winds. Just before we arrived the log clicked over 5,000 miles - not bad for the first 14 months. The sailors amongst you will see that we were managing a respectable 8.1 knots with 24 knots apparent wind at the time, though the depth was very much more than 22 and a half metres - that was just the last fish (or whale...)
Having researched the subject, we reckon that our whale in the Balearics was a sperm whale - apparently rather rare, so even more exciting.
This morning we said 'au revoir' to Andreas who has been an excellent crew member for the last month. Andreas was always cheerful, didn't mind being woken at 0300 to go on watch, always jumped up to do the washing-up and was generally a very decent chap all round. We wish him an enjoyable summer sailing his boat in Sweden.
Here's a picture of him diligently cleaning the boat - even underwater - that's what we call keen !
Blue Sky is now hidden beneath lots of drying laundry and awaits the next three crew later today - they have high standards to follow.
Best Wishes
George & Michael