Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Sun 5 Jul 2009 02:47
Hello Friends                "09:22.1N 79:57.1W"
Just a quick (revised**) blog.
We had an uneventful sail down to Panama from Providencia: good sailing for the first two thirds with speeds steadily over 8 knots. Then, as expected, motoring for the last bit up to the Caribbean end of the Canal. We're now in Shelter Bay Marina where boats often wait for their transit through the Canal.
So today's hot news is that Garrison, our excellent Cabin Boy, has been hijacked by another boat awaiting transit, to sail to ....... Thailand ! Though apparently he has also to stop in Bora Bora for a week or so ... aw shucks. Whilst it's half way around the planet to Thailand, the boat is 122 feet long, so should only take a couple of months to complete something like 10,000 miles.
Here he is sporting his 'Genghis' beard whipping which is of course de rigeur on Blue Sky, while he cheerfully contemplates the thousands of miles ahead.
We're being hauled out on Monday and as usual, George & Michael are being lazy and staying in a comfortable hotel overlooking Gatun Lake (Sol Melia) whilst the yard do the work. We've rented an SUV so we'll probably visit Panama City for some shopping and play tourist for a while.
The Pacific Ocean is only 35 miles away, but we don't plan to go through until October / November. Until then we'll be cruising in and around Panama, hopefully well out of the way of any hurricanes.
Best Wishes from George & Michael
                            and adios from Garrison !
** Since Garrison couldn't get photoshop to work, Michael had to fix it, hence Garrison's pic has been very lightly enhanced to show the very photogenic reality of a a very camera shy lad  (sorry Garrison !!)