Puerto Pollensa

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Sun 10 Sep 2006 18:11
Dear Friends
We had a good visit to Ciudadela - didn't attempt to go into the (very crowded) port but anchored in the little Cala to the south and took a stern line ashore. Ciudadela is a fascinating town with a long history dating from prehistoric times, and being run by various dominant cultures over the millennia from the Phoenicians from 1600 BC then the Greeks and the Romans etc etc.  We found the longest supermarket ever - basically a corridor stretching 150 metres through various higgledy-piggledy buildings in the old town.
Our crossing to Mallorca was mostly under sail and we're now anchored very comfortably in Puerto Pollensa and enjoying much more benign weather than in Corsica.
Barny left us last Thursday and we've agreed to take him across the Atlantic later in the year. Becky returned to London and the grindstone on Saturday.
We are now enjoying the company of Pom, Barbara and Annie ("the Golden Girls") from Greenwich and we spent a very pleasant Sunday morning in the market at Pollensa town, dutifully encouraging the girls to shop, followed by lunch in the square.
As you can see, the shopping was quite successful...
We're planning on a leisurely week with the girls not least because the main and genoa are now in Palma for a service, so we're on our new laminate genoa only. (for the landlubbers amongst you, that's the sail which wraps around the forestay and is set in front of the mast!)
Best Wishes
George and Michael