Happy Christmas from Las Perlas

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Thu 24 Dec 2009 20:54
Hello Friends                "8:25.74N 78:51.33W"
We managed some pre-Christmas shopping in Panama City and also enjoyed a day sightseeing in the Casco Viejo and along the breakwater with our friend Edwin.
On Sunday, we travelled down as planned to the Pearl Islands, south-east of Panama City in the Gulf of Panama. Andy and John on 'Happy Spirit' warned us that these are a very pleasant place to spend time and they certainly weren't wrong. The charts are sketchy to say the least and even the pilot book misses out whole islands, so our navigation was made with great caution but we anchored safely for some swimming and tideline exploration and foraging.
Since Blue Sky had been treated to a new sound system in Panama City and we were anchored far away from anyone, Michael's birthday went very well and also quite noisily.
We've now moved to the eastern side of the group and are anchored between the largest island 'Isla del Rey' and 'Espiritu Santo' a small island with great beaches. Anyway you can see that on googleearth.
We're meeting up with 'Tumshi' again tomorrow and having Christmas lunch together on Blue Sky. We may be missing out on traditional winter weather, but as this shot shows, we're managing well enough.... Actually it's 36.5 deg C in the shade at 1600 hrs.
You can cut across the island just left of Blue Sky to another even more lovely cove like beach on the other side, which has soft golden sand and whole balsa trunks washed up. We thought we might take a few chunks for whittling.
We hope all our friends are having a great Christmas and we wish you the best for a prosperous and healthy 2010.
George, Michael, Matt and Alex