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Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Sun 20 Apr 2008 12:22
Hello Friends                                    "17:01.0N 61:46.4W"
After meeting up with 'Esprit', 'Kelp Fiction' and 'Sea Bird' in Falmouth Harbour we persuaded all to sail upwind, back to the Green Island anchorage. Well actually, I think 'Esprit' bothered to sail and the other two motored up !!
Anyway, Andy on 'Esprit' did catch a good sized albacore tuna on the way up and the fish was of such good quality that we decided to have a sushi evening. Michael turned the whole fish into sushi fillets and Andy and the girls formed everything into a splendid selection of sushi with all the accessories. George's contribution was a Coconut Tart, one of his local specialities and the first recipe to feature in "Cook Along with George" coming very soon on the website
The other excitement is kitesurfing as we mentioned in the last blog. The Green Island anchorage is on the windward (east) side of Antigua, protected by a fringing reef to the east. This makes for an area of relatively flat water but still with the full benefit of the trade winds. It is an ideal location for the kitesurfing school which sets up shop on the beach.
Andy and George had clearly been watching the experts and thinking that it looked good fun, so both decided to take the introductory course. I shall spare them the blushes of the many crashes and immersions and just show you the photos of the successful flights.
and Andy...
Whether George decides to do more kitesurfing is still under consideration. From where Michael was observing in the camera boat, the whole exercise looked very strenuous and seemed to involve swallowing a whole lot of seawater.

We are now enjoying watching Antigua Classics and it's the third day of racing today. One the first day, Stan of "Sea Bird" opined that watching yacht racing was 'like watching paint dry'. On day 2 of the races, we watched "Velsheda" and "Ranger", two J class boats battling it out and crossing the line neck and neck. Everyone watching with us at the fort overlooking the entrance to Falmouth Harbour was bouncing up and down - and Stan didn't think it was like watching paint dry any more.
Here is the shot: "Velsheda" (130 ft, 1934) on left and "Ranger" (134 ft, 2003) on right with the yellow finish marker just to the R of Ranger. "Ranger" was over the line first though "Velsheda" won (again) of course as she is slightly smaller so wins on handicap. The racing is Serious here, apparently half the crew on "Ranger" are Americas Cup Kiwis specially flown in for the race ...
There's more racing today followed by the Parade of Classics through English Harbour. We will get some more photos for the next blog, and if you want to do your own research, is the place to look.
Best Wishes
George & Michael