Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Fri 9 Feb 2007 20:45
Dear Friends                                "17:04.3N 61:53.1W"
We had a fun if rather rough trip back from Barbuda with Pom and Barbara. The apparent wind was gusting up to 30 knots and the shallow sea between Antigua and Barbuda made it rather lumpy. Fortunately Barbara had received a seasickness patch and was fine.
The girls have now flown back to a snowy London, so just in case anyone is reading this, I'll say that it is now 31C or 88F in the shade, according to the thermometer on my window.
The time has come for annual maintenance and Blue Sky has been hauled out in Jolly Harbour on the W side of Antigua. As it's so cold back in the UK, I'll warm you up with a nice picture of a lady's bottom.......
Jolly Harbour is a good place to have maintenance done as there is the best chandlery on the island and a varied and skilled workforce that know all about boats and are also good value. As we're not in Europe or the USA we can have some serious toxic antifouling (Sea Hawk) which should keep the hull clean for another year. I know we're all eco-friendly now, but barnacle-friendly antifouling is a waste of time when the water is 29C.
While Blue Sky is high and dry, Michael is staying in a cottage at Yepton www.yepton.com which has the benefit of good broadband internet as well as the usual luxuries. George has returned to London for 10 days to visit his Mum, who is very unwell and of course the rest of the family.
Here's Michael getting to grips with relaxing on land.
That's all we have to report for the moment.
For those interested in superyachts or indeed megayachts, we saw Mirabella V (largest single masted yacht in the world), Eos (largest private yacht in the world) and Maltese Falcon (huge modern square rigger) in Falmouth Harbour. So if you want your eyes popping out on stalks, Antigua is the place to come.
Best Wishes
George and Michael