Back in L'Ile Rousse

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Sun 27 Aug 2006 14:26
Dear Friends
Well so much for the "very sheltered anchorage" in Porto Vecchio (last week's blog) --- the following morning the wind got up to over 30 knots with 40+ gusts and even interfered with our morning cuppa as clouds of spray were whipped off the surface of the bay. The wind certainly does blow here, especially in the gap between Corsica and Sardinia (- les Bouches de Bonifacio).
The weather forecasts have such fine detail that it seems like a forecast by postcode. We left the Golfe de Porto Vecchio to head back south again and the wind was just blowing from the NE, maybe 10 knots with flat water. After a mile, the water started to get oddly choppy and we kept smacking into little waves, then I saw white water ahead and the wind changed in 200 metres from nothing to 25 knots - from the SW.
We've had a couple of days good sailing of 60 miles apiece - round through the Bouches to Ajaccio and then up to Calvi, both with fairly good winds and slightly big seas. In between, we did a full engine service in Ajaccio, followed by a comprehensive raid on Carrefour again, so we're up to date with our chores.
here's a pic of the rugged cliffs around the Scandola Nature Reserve
We also noticed that Summer is obviously over - where did all the boats go? Last weekend was clearly the last weekend of official French (or should I say Corsican) Summer and there are far fewer boats than before.
We spent a rather rolly night in the bay at Calvi and we're now back in Ile Rousse just having moored up to the dock to have a good clean up before the arrival of Becky and Barny.
Here's a photo of the citadel at Calvi, showing the magnificent mountains fringing the bay beyond. It's an amazing setting and I'm afraid that a compressed photo doesn't really do it justice.
(the white horses explain why the pic isn't level - it was blowing 30 knots)
Next week's blog may be a little delayed if we're on passage to Menorca, but rest assured, a full report will follow.
Best Wishes for the Bank Holiday Weekend (for those in the UK at least)
(and if you think it's all play out here, we're just off to do the laundry)
George and Michael