Becalmed !

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Thu 30 Nov 2006 12:28
Dear Friends                                "22:20.98N 24:03.96W"
Well, we haven't made too much progress since the last blog - very light winds as forecast but should pick up again later today and be quite fun by the weekend. We have seen several yachts heading further south, but we reckon we're OK on 22 deg N.
We thought you might like to know about Catering Arrangements.
George is of course head chef and is keeping us amused with a varied menu. Typically breakfast is DIY rolls and preserves with some juice and tea or fresh coffee, though occasionally we'll have scrambled egg on toast all round. There is a supply of muesli and similar stuff, but it doesn't seem too popular.
Lunch is normally cold ham and chorizo (Spain being the last country of call) with a selection of cheeses and maybe a Spanish omelette if G decides.
Dinner starts early at 1800 with canapés and the daily drinks ration in the cockpit, followed by the main meal shortly after. We try to make best use of the available daylight and finish our evening meal before the light fades. This also makes for an enjoyable sociable time while we eat together and watch the sunset.
Yesterday we enjoyed George's homemade chilli with rice and this evening we are promised George's Thai noodle soup with yesterday's rainbow wrasse. He is also working on some sort of pudding, apparently a cross between tiramisu and banoffee pie - should be interesting!
Best Wishes
George, Michael and the crew