Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Sun 8 Oct 2006 17:24
Hello Friends
We're back in Gib for the weekend and off to Cadiz tomorrow.
Following the landing of a rather nice red tuna as I was finishing last week's blog, we caught several more and a rainbow wrasse. All very tasty - some just plain fried and the rest went in one of George's thai noodle stews last night - Yum!
We spent three nights in Almerimar marina waiting for a bit of a westerly to blow through and arrived in Gib on Friday after an uneventful motor overnight. The Rock is clearly and dramatically visible from more than 30 miles away in the morning sunlight. Here's a photo closer up on our approach - with best cloud hat on to greet us.
Barnie and Alex arrived on schedule yesterday and we did the inevitable tourist thing and went up the Rock today - but we shunned the minibuses and did the climb ourselves, climbing over the Danger - No Entry signs on the steps up the crumbling wall up the western face...
This is (Michael's nephew) Alex at the top "It's a good job Cristina can't see me now" with his feet over the precipice to the East.
Despite some recent thawing in relations with our Spanish neighbours, the Apes are very much in evidence and as bold as ever. (Legend being that if the Apes leave, so will the Brits.)
Here's a pic of 2 crew and an Ape - naturally there is a prize for identifying the Ape.
We've decided to go up to the Bay of Cadiz for a while, mainly to avoid overcrowding in the Canaries. So we will probably work our way round to southern Portugal and then possibly go south(ish) via Madeira to the Canaries in due course.
Best Wishes
George and Michael