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Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Fri 30 Oct 2009 22:02
Dear All,                        "09:30.8N 78:37.0W"
As I look out of the window on to the blue skies and turquoise seas that we have slowly become accustomed to in the San Blas, I have sad news of an unexpected nature. Due to a chance meeting with a hammock, Mr Pass has been unable to fulfill his duties as chief blog writer and has left it to me, the humble Cabin Boy, to update you with the latest offerings of the Blue Sky life. And of course being a good Cabin Boy, I have decided to take time out from my hectic schedule of sleeping, [drinking - Ed.], eating and occasional cleaning to bring a merry report of the last few days. So I will first apologise for the demise of wit and humour that you have no doubt been treated to over the years, but will endeavour to do my best to reach the required level of a bar that has been set very high.
After the molestation of the mola makers in the Chichime Cays, we picked up anchor and strolled down to an Island titled Dog Island (just as we were leaving though, we did manage to capture this delightful photo of a local dugout sailing by the small palm Island).
At Dog Island  we surveyed a wreck with an abundance of fish and coral life that had made the unfortunate boat its home. The snorkelling was great with clear waters and the fish exceptionally welcoming to share their under water hideout. From Dog Island we went, after a spot of lunch, in search of more adventure. After a bumpy night in Miriadup we settled the next day at Ogoppiriadup, in the E Holandes Cays. (or the Saucy Islands as we named them) Our new place had a sense of Times Square about it with no less than 15 boats occupying the main anchoring spot. Needless to say we stayed clear and anchored away from the main pack in the 'clothing optional' anchorage.
The gathering of boats did however have its slight advantage and on Monday night we were, along with the rest of the boats, invited ashore to BBQ Island to take part in something called a 'Pot Luck' evening. We discovered that this was an evening where everyone brings a finger food dish and some drinks and then collaborates into a drinking, eating and social frenzy. This commenced into a rather fun experience and the topic of conversation slowly made its way to music. Being possibly a little bit intoxicated, I blurted out that I could play the keyboard and although I thought this would be a harmless statement to make, two nights later I was playing, somewhat badly, the keyboard out in the cockpit of Blue Sky with Randall from the neighbouring boat 'Tregoning', on guitar - and Randall does know how to play the guitar... It had transpired that Randall had both a keyboard and a guitar on board and therefore he decided we should have something called a 'jam'! Randall has allowed me to adopt the keyboard for a few weeks and also came over the next day to tutor me in the art of guitar playing. My inability to strum hindered progress but it didn't seem to bother my tutor. 
Whilst in the Holandes Cays I made a good friends with a rather attractive bird, unfortunately this bird had wings but it did afford me the luxury of a staring contest which I believe ended in me winning.
The fun and games continued and we moved to what is our current spot of Olosicuidup in the Eastern Coco Banderos (with X marks the spot below). After an afternoon of having the new anchorage to ourselves by the evening there were up to 10 boats, all in hailing distance of Blue Sky. This of course would not do and taking notes from the other evening George and I decided to have our own 'jamming' session with George on the penny whistle and me on the keyboard. After making a 'racket' and 'murdering' some Beatles tracks we awoke late to find the anchorage empty, we couldn't think for the life of us why!!!! 
We also undertook a trip out to the reef on the edge of the Islands and did some snorkelling, which we are all agreed was pretty impressive, as beneath the water was a world of fish, including some rather large Parrot fish nearly 3 feet long. The coral had also formed into many a long finger with deep sided walls and shallow ledges.
To conclude we have visited the 'big city', [a couple of small islands with a connecting bridge] which is home to some two thousand Kuna Indians who have abandoned the traditional way of life and adopted the 21st century, all be it in their own unique way. We were shown around 'town' by Federico, who appointed himself as our guide. After provisioning from his 'brothers shop' and seeing his small family hut with its beathen earth floor, we headed back to Blue Sky and had an evening of Sangria and nibbles aboard Tregoning, but without instrumental accompaniment (Tregoning had incidentally arrived at the anchorage the night before). The outcome of the evening was to leave Michael feeling a wee bit fragile this morning. [ !! Ed.]
So here ends [the first part - Ed.] of my journey into the realms of a blogger, I hope the change of blogger hasn't fallen too short of the bar and more than likely Michael will delight you with his inputs next time.
All the best
Matt, Michael and George