Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Thu 18 Jan 2007 22:40
Dear Friends                            "17:01.0N 61:46.4W"
Well, we made slow progress to Antigua as we stopped in Les Saintes again for 3 nights - it was just so comfortable that we didn't want to bother moving. It also has the advantage of lots of interesting traffic to watch. We did manage a few chores and rigged the second wind generator to give us enough power to make lots of (fresh) water without running the engine.
This was sunset at anchor in Les Saintes - you should have been there and watched the sun set with a cold beer in your hand .......... just magical
We managed to drag ourselves away eventually and had a good sail across to the main island and up the west side to anchor off Pigeon Island. This is the Cousteau Reserve of the eponymous marine biologist and the snorkelling is pretty good we can tell you! Coral and fish just come in so many varieties and we managed to escape from what George describes as our first shark encounter and what Michael thought was a large remora, only about a metre long, but Very Interested in us! In fact about as interested as we were in watching a turtle just below us having it's breakfast on the weed on the seabed, anyway...
We had another good sail up the rest of the W coast and across to Port Louis in the NW side of the east wing of the butterfly. We thought this would give us a better angle on the wind for the crossing to Antigua (it did !) but at the cost of a rather rolly night at anchor. And Port Louis isn't so much of a one horse town, more a lame donkey village, though we did manage to get our exit papers there, so can't complain.
So today we had a great crossing to Antigua, 40 miles from weighing anchor to setting anchor in less than five and a half hours. Our crossing was enlivened by the loss of our Antigua courtesy flag which couldn't be found anywhere. So not to be rude, we downloaded a pic from the internet, colour printed same and laminated it in a plastic sleeve as a makeshift flag: no one seemed to mind.
This is the view from Blue Sky just before sunset looking at the huge superyachts moored here.
There is more money here in boats than you can imagine (probably): the new 3 masted square rigger on right of pic. is 'Maltese Falcon' (google for amazing stats) and there's hardly anything with less than five spreaders. They don't look that big in the photo, but it is a 3-shot panorama. George tells me that this weekend is the Antigua round the island race - we'll see if we can get a ringside seat.
Best Wishes
George and Michael